Our Industrial Cleaner can be used in applications from the food and beverage sector to the oil and gas sector, for cleaning commercial kitchens or decommissioned oil rigs.

It can be used daily to clean areas susceptible to grime build-up as it is non-abrasive and is 100% biodegradable. Our Industrial Cleaner works gently, easily, efficiently and is environmentally friendly

Specially designed for cleaning surfaces that are soiled by grease or oils our Industrial Cleaner penetrates into the dirt and dissolves it so it can be easily dispersed with water.

We recommend diluting the concentrate for daily or repeated applications

BioTensidon Industrial Cleaner does not contain any harmful substances, hazardous chemicals or additives. It is also free of perfumes, dyes and preservatives and is therefore harmless to humans, animals and plants.

Our ingredients are all responsibly sourced and are natural raw materials ensuring our Industrial Cleaner is dermatologically safe and environmentally friendly.