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No matter if it’s about reconditioning garden furniture after the winter break, or to remove nicotine residues on window and door frames, BIOTENSIDON Plastic-Cleaner is the perfect solution for cleaning and degreasing all kinds of plastic in industry and household.

  1. Cleans plastic of all kinds
  2. Universally applicable in industry and household
  3. Removes insect remains as well as dirt, nicotine and grease residues
  4. Deep acting and residue-free
  5. Removes even stubborn pollution
  6. Removes weather related grey veil

BIOTENSIDON Plastic-Cleaner concentrate is perfect for removing grease- and oil films on plastic. It removes grease and oil on synthetic and mineral base without influencing the structure of the surface. Due to such properties, the product can also be used for elastomers (rubber).
The general provisions on waste disposal are applied. For BIOTENSIDON plastic cleaners no additional requirements are to be considered.

Effective cleaning of all plastic surfaces:

  • Windows
  • Door frames
  • Garden furniture
  • Hobby
  • Office
  • Kitchen
  • Roller shutters
  • Window blinds
  • Shelves
  • Wardrobe elements
  • Car maintenance etc.