Responsibility For Our Future
Responsibility For Our Future



Founded in 2011, BIOTENSIDON Germany GmbH is a start-up company that seeks to foster the application of Rhamnolipids. With a reliable and effective fermentation process as well as new engineering techniques that simplify the entire production process, Biotensidon is the first company to achieve economically feasible mass production of rhamnolipids on an industrial scale.

BIOTENSIDON BAHRAIN is the Regional Distributor of BIOTENSIDON products in the entire MENA Region. BIOTENSIDON is 100% focused on green and innovative products that can be used for a wide range of applications.

BIOTENSIDON offers purely ecological products exclusively made from naturally grown raw materials with distinguished environmental and sustainable properties, with our unique products and strategic alliance worldwide partners, we want to promote a new environmental awareness – for the protection of humans, animals, plants and the environment in general.

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