For the present, the rhamnolipids are available in a cell-free culture supernatant, ie in liquid form with various concentrations. In the near future paste-like and dried-pure variants will be available. All our rhamnolipids are from microbiological production. Our strain JRV-L is a wild, original form, not genetically modified and non- pathogenic.

Surfactants of biological origin are called “biosurfactants”. Biosurfactants show high efficiency combined with good biodegradability. Biosurfactants are characterized by the following favorable properties:

  • structural diversity
  • Favorable surfactant properties
  • No toxicity
  • Antibiotic effect
  • Biodegradability
  • Production from renewable raw materials

Due to their excellent surfactant properties, their biocompatibility and their biodegradability, rhamnolipids are of great interest for use as emulsifiers in the environmental, industrial and household detergents, food and pharmaceutical sectors. In addition, the rhamnolipids may be starting substrates for the production of rhamnose, rhamnose derivatives (eg: Furaneol®) and β-hydroxy fatty acids for applications in the food and cosmetics industries.

So that you can convince yourself of the high quality of our genuine microbiological rhamnolipids you have the possibility to order a test set. In this test set you will receive rhamnolipids in different concentrations with a total content of at least 20 grams of pure rhamnolipids. Only one test set can be ordered at a time! The price (nominal charge) of the test set they learn from us when contacting.

If you are interested please contact us directly.

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