Soil improvement, plant strengthening, plant protection, yield increase, reduction of chemical and toxins from agricultural products.

More and more people in this world have to be fed by less and less agricultural land. Man has already destroyed many previously agricultural areas by ruthless exploitation of soils, overfertilisation, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. To compensate for the loss of destroyed agricultural land, more and more natural areas are destroyed and converted into agricultural land.

It’s about breaking that vicious circle – it’s possible but not easy. Big companies specializing in chemical products are not interested in ecological alternatives because they are billions. It could be so easy – nature can regulate what has destroyed man, you just have to give her the chance and the necessary basis. Plant pests have been fought millions of years ago – by the plant itself as well as by little helpers acting in symbiosis with the plant – this is where we start.

We offer biological alternatives that can significantly increase yields per hectare – up to 50% – and protect against plant pathogens and pests. In doing so, we work with the tools of nature without contaminating the soil, as our solutions have been biodegraded in just a few days into water and neutral CO2. In addition, the consumer benefits from the fact that no residues remain on the plant, thus no health risks as with chemical solutions.

The time is ripe for a rethink and we find that more and more farmers are in our opinion and open up to our solutions. In numerous projects with many universities worldwide, we tackle the evil at the root and prove that it is also biologically. And biological does not necessarily mean more expensive, an opinion that has settled in the minds of consumers. We prove that bio can be realized today at competitive prices and the more you use organic, the cheaper it will be.

The health that is priceless, is free!